Overview Special Projects

MSN Consortium is a formal collaboration of 3 companies that provides a synergistic combination of technical specialisation, workmanship and experience in order to realise the innovative and inspiring architectural content being imagined by the building industry today.

Consortium Partners:

  • Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Sarnatec Sdn Bhd
  • Nagatron Engineering Sdn Bhd

Mudahjuta Industries is the Lead Partner wholly supported by Nagatron Engineering Sdn Bhd and Sarnatec Sdn Bhd in this Special Project Division. Each company contributes their unique expertise, decades of experience, with site controls to deliver a highly competitive Total Solution for Facades and Roofs including the Supporting Steel Structures.

The collaboration enables access to Specialised Technical Support from Global Principals, Skilled Workmanship under the guidance of an EU Registered Master Craftsman, direct availability to specialised insulation products, prefabrication facility of components, equipment, plant and machinery including all necessary administrative and resources to manage and execute the completion of the challenging works ahead.

Over the past 15 years, our three companies have already been collaborating continuously in many highly visible and prestigious projects. Hence, our professional ability to produce the best results on a collaborative basis are based on a solid portfolio.

Sharing common research and development, more methods are being developed into improving insulated roof configurations. These are done with an aim of providing total solutions for roofs that are increasingly demanding with regards to energy efficiency and innovation in design.

Combined, we have a wealth of technical data on acoustic, thermal & condensation analysis, wind & pressure tests, strength tests, fire compliance and many more. Tests are done around the world using FM Rhode Island, PSB Singapore, Warrington Fire Research, Exora, FRSG Laboratories, Acplus Laboratories and locally with SIRIM and UiTM.

Moving forward, we are cognizant that new and formal building standards continue to be introduced globally even whilst innovative and inspiring architectural concepts are being visualised. We embrace these positive changes as an opportunity for continuous evolution and are constantly adapting to these new demands.

In summary, all 3 companies are no strangers to high end technical demands and are highly experienced collaborators that can undertake complex architectural roofs and façades. The combined capital and the collective resources of this collaboration qualifies us to work on Grade 7 projects.


Consortium Partners Specialties

Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd
CIDB Grade 7
Established 1993
Principal Director
Yogi Wong

Mudahjuta Industries’ undertakes General Civil and Building Construction projects and carry associated plant, machinery, logistics and an existing team of site workers. In addition, Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd is a specialist in insulation system solutions combining thermal, acoustics and passive fire protection particularly for Structural Steel, Roofs and Facade Envelopes. Our fabrication facility provides support for prefabricated components and composites wherever possible to reduce site manpower.

Mudahjuta is an ISO 9001:2015 company. As the Lead Contractor in this Consortium/Partnership whereby all works undertaken by Nagatron and Sarnatec, shall be in compliance.


Sarnatec Sdn Bhd

CIDB Grade 5
Established 2013
Principal Director
Simon Fluck
EU Certified SWISS Mastercraftsman

Sarnatec Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian Company that is led by a team of highly skilled and certified European Mastercraftsmen working side by side with a team of locally trained skilled workers. With a hands-on approach and extensive experience from Switzerland to China and now in the Asean Region combined with special tools and equipment, Sarnatec is much sought after in taming complex facades on site. Their onsite skills are an crucial factor in executing high ribbed standing seams demanding architecturally challenging curvatures.

Sarnatec ensures you Swiss quality workmanship on site.


Nagatron Engineering Sdn Bhd
CIDB Grade 5
Established 1996
Principal Director
Danny Goh
BEng (Mechanical) Australia

Nagatron Engineering Sdn Bhd is one of the market leaders in the design, supply and installation of structural steel, structural cladding and roof covering works. Nagatron is known to provide value engineering in a reliable, trust-worthy and credible total solution for all applications.

Its steel and fabrication workshop is equipped for the prefabrication of steel and aluminium components that can be custom made to suit most project requirements.

Also a specialist with high performance architectural standing seams, Nagatron has a pool of plant and labour resources. This is a much required asset in our current economic climate where labour shortage is faced by so many contractors in the industry.