Perlita y Vermiculita Passive Fire Protection

Specialist manufacturers of passive fire protection and intumescent paints, Perlita y Vermiculita has over 30 years of experience in developing passive fire protection systems for various environments.

An established company, its products are now available in 5 continents and its manufacturing standards are certified ISO 9001:2008. They are also designed and tested according to the Technical Code of Edification, in accredited laboratories and most of them have the CE seal. 

Application Examples
Industry Structure Fire Protection
Preparation : 

Process: mesh installation


Process: Corner mesh intstallation



Execution : 

Formwork and spaying process

Mortar preparation

Fireproofed structure

Process : 

Stucture to be fireproofed


Fireproofed Structure 

Aplication process

Past Project Highlights
Hotel and Convention Center, Oran, Algeria 

COSTANERA CENTER  Santiago, Chile 




Torre AGBAR, Barcelona, Spain 

LEGO MUSEUM, Copenhagen, Denmark

Estadio FCB Barcelona, Spain 

Canada Project