Cogent System Acoustics, Thermal & Fire Control

Civil & Building Construction Diversity

Construction works are increasingly moving towards Modular Concepts and Industrialised Building Solutions.

In principle, nearly most conventional construction methods can be realised into modular prefabricated designs, from facade engineering to many elements within a building and civil engineering construction.

With the ever evolving parameters of challenging architectural designs, Cogent Systems meet these demanding requirements with its range of Prefabrication of Modular Systems, ensuring specialist compliance for multiple geographies for Thermal, Acoustics and Passive Fire Insulation. 


The prefabricated modular systems are produced in our factory under strict quality control to ISO9001:2018 for optimised performance engineering with due considerations given to inflationary costs of materials and labour shortages.

  • Value Engineering
  • LESS manual labour
  • Shorter Construction Periods
  • Wastage Reduction
  • Higher Safety Control
  • More Consistent Quality on SItes
  • Higher Cost Efficiency

Special Buildings Requirements

We are able to cater for special requirements such as data centres, cold rooms, clean rooms, high safety and hygiene measures. Cogent Systems can be optimally planned to mitigate humidity problems that give rise to mildew, fungus and bacteria infestations within the composite barriers.

Working with International Project Planners, Architects & Engineers

Many architects and engineers view prefabrication and modular methods as a solution to our progressive industrialisation.

With more than 25 years of civil and building experience, MISB is ready to collaborate with designers to identify the modular solutions that can add innovation and value engineering to their projects.

Modular prefabricated systems can be collectively designed, produced in the Asian region under strict quality control measures and shipped to the project destination. We are also experienced in working with Internationally assigned and accredited auditors to meet global standards.