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Fire Insulation Boards in Malaysia passes extended SIRIM tests Compliant for Key Global Markets


Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce that the locally fabricated fire-rated steel composite boards it produces, are a recipient of the Technology Depository Agency (TDA) Berhad award.

The Technology Depository Agency (TDA) award is given out under the Industry Collaboration Programme (ICP), an economic development tool initiated by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. The award’s aim under this category is to strengthen local competitiveness that prioritises technology development, knowledge-based economy development and localization maximization.

The ICP was submitted by IJM Construction Sdn Bhd and Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd as a collaborative effort.

“We are very proud to have received this award as it increasingly demonstrates that Malaysian SMEs have the support and capacity to serve a global market with more customisable solutions for the international construction industry” says Ir. Yogi Wong, Technical Director for Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd.

As a result of this collaboration, the boards successfully passed the SIRIM Fire Tests to international standards as required by various countries in mature markets:

  1.      1) EN BS 1364-1:2015 Nonload Wall Partition System: 4 hours Integrity + 2 Hour Insulation
  2.      2) BN BS 1366-1:2014 Ventilation Horizontal Ducts: 4 hour Fire Integrity

As a result of the successful tests, MISB is currently in the final stages of an OEM contract.

From a Green Technology Adoption perspective, the boards are fabricated supporting the local ecosystem. Almost 2/3rds of its core components is obtained from waste materials sourced from local fibre cement plants, and harvested rainwater.

Tested at SIRIM, EN BS 1364-1:2015 Nonload Wall Partition System: 4 hours Integrity + 2 Hour Insulation
Tested at SIRIM, BN BS 1366-1:2014 Ventilation Horizontal Ducts: 4 hour Fire Integrity