Product Overview

Product Overview

  1. Acoustic treatment and rain noise reduction for metal deck roofs
  2. Insulation solution for thermal, transmission loss and rain drumming
  3. One Fix installation
    • Acoustic, Thermal and Rain Drumming
    • Lightweight for handling each module
    • Packed, sealed and ready to be hoisted to working position
    • Reduction of thickness
    • Prefabricated modules for quality consistency
    • Prefabricated to reduce labour intensity on site
    • Class "O" fire-rated modules
    • Material combination selected to withstand weather during installation


Cogent System Panels is essentially an effective system put together by using a combination of carefully selected building materials to provide a prefabricated roofing component providing Acoustics and Thermal Solutions.

Early research works on the Cogent System panels was pioneered by a roofing contractor specialising in acoustic works in the year 2000. Confronted with the obvious need to change conventional multifaceted designs that involved heavy materials making roof top handling very difficult, working at dangerous heights for longer hours than necessary, exposure to unpredictable weather ailments including high winds and irritable conditions caused by fibrous materials, Cogent System panels were developed and introduced into the market after much research.

The earlier models available then have evolved substantially since they were first introduced. This was a result of a continuous quest for improvement and the consistent interaction with both project consultants and working contractors.

Over the years, many other reputable local and international companies have joined MISB and contributed effectively in broadening the Cogent System panels’ compatibility with a wider range of roofing, wall cladding and other prefabricated systems. Collectively, there is a wide array of test data available for roof systems to verify the effectiveness of a Cogent System panel application.

Cogent System Panels have become increasingly popular with roofing specialists as the prefabricated panels represents simplicity which reduces laborious site works and installation time.

Adapting with the current labour shortages and soaring workmen costs, Cogent System panel designs helps to re-think roof construction to reduce such problems wherever possible.

For project designers, roof designs become increasingly complex with more performance criteria to fulfil. Our building industry is focused on embracing responsible measures that would help realised energy savings, a healthier indoor environment, recycling of valuable resources and provision of greenery in developments.

Roof designs are also becoming more innovative and architecturally challenging to form. Cogent System panels provide solutions to various aspects yet keeping the roof system build up simple at installation.

For property managers, a roof system constructed with a simple build up makes maintenance works easier.

Cogent Panels are available in standard proprietary models. Standard models are formulated based upon popular market demands.

For architects and project designers with special requirements, modifications and enhancements may be made to suit specific project demands.


Design Stages 

MISB’s technical team will be able to assist project consultants in establishing suitable parameters for the projects intended. This also includes the increasing demands on meeting the Green Building Index (GBI) and/or MS1525:2007 for energy efficient buildings.
1. Acoustic Transmission Loss for a Total Roof System (STC/Rw)
2. Thermal Insulation (Uvalue W/m2K) BS 5250
3. Choice of Roof Cladding material and compatibility
4. Design checks and U value assessments for Condensation Risk Analysis
5. Provide preliminary details for construction using Cogent System panels.

For more information on using Cogent System panels, MISB can arrange a presentation at your premises. MISB encourages continuous discussion with designers and contractors to provide improvements under ISO9001:2008

Design Checklist

- Acoustic Performance (STC/Rw)
- Thermal Performance (U value)
- Weight of Individual Panel for ease of handling at high working levels
- Size and Compatibility with Standard Fixing Systems
- Weather Resistance & minimum protection measures
- Durability and Technical Compliance of components selected
- Thermal Uvalue assessments and Condensation Risk Checks on Total Roof System
- Cost of System

Construction Stages
Some projects already have design parameters established based on a conventional system build up. MISB will be able to assist you in providing alternative value engineered designs using Cogent System panels to maximise site efficiency for a faster completion, reduce wastage and labour intensity to optimise costs. 

GBI and IBS Point System Awards
It has been reported that using a Cogent System* panels within the roof system, designers have managed to secure additional point/s for innovation above the compliance with MS 1525:2007

Replacing Conventional Methods

As a general guide, it is commonly understood that achieving higher values of Transmission Sound Loss in a roof system is directly proportional to mass.

Conventional design methods used in fulfilling this criteria often means very cumbersome construction. Following this rule, mass will have to be increased by prescribing additional layers of heavy cement boards spaced apart using metal brackets to accommodate several layers of insulation blankets such as mineral wool or fibre glass laid in between. To obtain higher STC values such designs would involve much higher structural loading.

Advantages of Working with Cogent* System Panels

  • Acoustic and Thermal Solutions all in ONE panel. 
  • Panel sizes are selected for easier handling. 
  • Total roof system thickness may be reduced. 
  • Safer working environment at roof tops. 
  • Panels are packed and sealed in shrink wrap plastic for temporarily weather exposure while being stored on site. 
  • Cogent Panels consist of boards and framework that are manufactured to withstand temporary weather exposure encountered during installation process. 
  • Cogent Panels are delivered on pallets and can be lifted directly onto the roof and distributed into working positions immediately. 
  • Loose fibres from insulation blankets are locked within each prefabricated module reducing its irritation effects on workmen. 
  • Factory markings are printed on each panel is clearly marked to ensure that site installation is done correctly. 
  • Crane lifts and hoisting activities can be reduced. 
  • Less labour intensive. 
  • Individual material components used within the system are fire rated to Class ‘O’ or equivalent. 
  • Up to 50% faster. 
  • Many roof systems have already been tested to date and tests results are available.


Fabrication and Components used in Cogent System Panels

Components used in the manufacturing and fabrication of Cogent System* panels are carefully selected balancing the following factors:

  • Durability 
  • Performance 
  • Stability against variations of weather 
  • Adaptability with other building components 
  • Costs 
  • Weight of Materials 
  • Material Compressive Strengths a 
  • Flexural Strengths

Exoskeleton - HD Shield
The external skin, known as the exoskeleton of the Cogent Panels, consist of a high density @ density 1300-1350 kg/m3 fibre silicate cementitious 

The composition of the material is 100% free of asbestos manufactured from a mixture of cement, organic fibres and selected mineral salts. Blended components give rise to an exterior which has a superb dimensional stability making it very versatile in both, wet and dry conditions. It is moisture tolerant, fire resistant to AS 1530 Part 3 as well as BS 476 Part 6 & 7, resistant to industrial and atmospheric corrosion.board that
are AUTOCLAVED to satisfy the most demanding exposure to weather conditions.

The superior stability of the exoskeleton crust will be able to contribute effectively towards a shield against weather ailments that are unpredictable during installation. In the event where if a roof leaks in future, Cogent Panels will simply dry out and restore its performance.

Internal Framework
EXTRUDED Polystyrene (XPS) Dow Styrofoam* is used for the internal framework and is adequately strong enough to allow the composite panels to span with minimum deflection of 1220mm supported at both ends. Dow Styrofoam* provides high insulation properties which will not allow heat to be conducted between the composite layers during contact. At the same time, Dow Styrofoam* has a compressive strength of 300kN/m2 spacing apart 2 particle boards with an essential air gap which must be maintained over a long term duration.

While providing the internal rigidity as a framework around the Cogent System Panels, Styrofoam LB itself is does not absorb water, very light and does not add additional loads of a roof.

Fibrous and Non Fibrous Options
Cogent System Panels utilises a range of plastic technology products and specialised engineered components by Dow Chemical Company to eliminate fibrous solutions with irritating concerns. Styrofoam* XPS, Ethafoam* and Immotus* are amongst the insulating infills often entered into a Cogent Solution. For projects which require economical solutions, Cogent System* Panels will opt for fibrous insertions within the composites. However, the panel modules will be seal round the sides to reduce the irritable effects caused by fibrous insulation blankets during installation.

Standard Modules of Cogent System Panels

All models are tested to ISO 140/1.

  Cogent System* Panels Model Type Rw STC Width Length Thk

Load kg/m2

Panel Weight


Pitched or segmented curve
application; With deck liner

HDRe39* 39 38 1220 1220 62 13.5 19

Pitched or segmented curve
application; single skin or
with deck liner

HDRe44* 43 44 1200 1220 67 18 26

Pitched or segmented curve
application; with deck liner

HDRe47* 47 47 1220 1220 115 22.5 16

Pitched or segmented curve
application; with deck liner

HDRe49* 49 49 1220 1220 73 26.5 19

Pitched or segmented curve
application; with deck liner

HDRe50* 50 51 1220 1220 98 27 21

Pitched or segmented curve
application; with deck liner

Above HDRE

Special design and made to order


FM Approved Roof System

In collaboration with Promat Asia Ltd, Dow Chemicals and Sika Sanarfil, we responded to the current market’s search for a FM Approved Roof System in Malaysia. All test data are available upon request.

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